Hard Skool

Guns N’ Roses – ‘Hard Skool’ EP Review

Photo Credit: Paul Rovere Guns N’ Roses formed on the Sunset Strip in 1985, born from splinter factions of two local bands, LA Guns and Hollywood Rose. From their formation, GNR brought darker energy than the other bands on the strip, they sounded like a mashup of punk rock and glam. Dead Boys meets Queen… Read more

MMM Staff Picks: Douglas Dahlström’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2022

Charli XCX – CRASH, to be released: March 18th  Photo Credit: Emily Lipson So, how is Charli XCX feeling now that her record deal is on its last leg and she’s out of quarantine (at least for now, as far as I’m concerned)? Pretty cool, pretty reflective, and pretty hungry it seems, considering the vibe… Read more

MMM Staff Picks: Padraig Mara’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2022

The year is now 2022, electric boogaloo. 2k double deuce, ice-cold apple juice. Etcetera. The following are five albums to be released that I genuinely look forward to hearing (mostly), and five groups I wished would drop something during this year for which we have such high hopes. Guns N’ Roses – Hard Skool, to be… Read more