Garage Punk

Crazy & The Brains: A Taste of the Fast Life

Photo Credit: Vulture Culture Photography Sometimes a band’s sound gets inextricably linked to where they hail from, whether they wish it to or not. X made the soundtrack for any down-and-outer in Los Angeles county. Outkast is Atlanta to the core, and despite the fake English accent, the Ramones always sounded like you just crossed… Read more

Viagra Boys – ‘Cave World’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Fredrik Bengtsson For those of you who don’t know, and running somewhat contrary to the image of Sweden we collectively hold in our minds, the Swedes have been hard into punk rock. From day one. From Ebba Gron to Anti Cimex, the land of Ikea has quite a bit of violent discontent bubbling… Read more

Parquet Courts – ‘Sympathy for Life’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz On previous albums Parquet Courts have turned out since their inception in New York, they have put out a kind of garage punk jangle-dance that a lot of bands started doing around the same time. They have some bangers for sure, but nothing too memorable. However, Sympathy For Life, the Courts’ seventh… Read more