MMM Top Ten: 10 Great Concept Albums

The concept album hit its stride after the 1960s when large, well-funded bands had the cash and carte blanche to explore, at length, any idea that crossed their addled brains. Whether a bloated 1970s ineffectual gesture or a coherent and brilliant bit of storytelling, the concept album has fans and detractors in equal measure. Here… Read more

MMM Staff Picks: Padraig Mara’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2022

The year is now 2022, electric boogaloo. 2k double deuce, ice-cold apple juice. Etcetera. The following are five albums to be released that I genuinely look forward to hearing (mostly), and five groups I wished would drop something during this year for which we have such high hopes. Guns N’ Roses – Hard Skool, to be… Read more