Ice Spice – ‘Like…?’ (Deluxe) EP Review

Photo Credit: Edwig Henson

Ice Spice’s EP Like…?, the deluxe edition, is a fantastic addition to her discography, featuring four new tracks that showcase her growth as an artist. The EP has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with many praising the quality of the new tracks. Like…?, starts with the previously released tracks from the original project, which are already great songs. However, the real gems are a few of the new tracks that are exclusive to the deluxe edition.

“How High?” is a standout, with a catchy beat and Ice Spice’s confident flow. The lyrics are empowering and inspiring, making it a great addition to any playlist. “Butterfly Ku” has a more laid-back vibe, with a smooth beat and Ice Spice’s melodic vocals. The lyrics are introspective and personal, showing a different side of Ice Spice’s artistry. “Deli” has a unique sound, with a mix of electronic and hip-hop elements. Ice Spice’s flow is on point, and the lyrics are playful and fun. The song is crazy catchy, I have been listening to it since the EP was released.

The “Princess Diana” remix features a guest verse from well-known and beloved rapper, Nicki Minaj, adding a new dimension to the song. Nicki Minaj’s verse on the “Princess Diana” remix is a masterclass in vocal inflections and flow patterns. She replaces a second verse from Spice and employs multiple different vocal inflections and flow patterns in her long-winded verse. Her lyrics are clever and witty, referencing spinach, the London Bridge, and video gamers. Overall, Nicki Minaj’s verse adds a new dimension to the song and makes it a must-listen for fans of both Ice Spice and Minaj. The beat is also slightly different, giving the track a fresh feel.

The EP has a cohesive and consistent sound, the beats are catchy and well-produced, and Ice Spice’s flow is confident and polished. The project has a mix of upbeat and more introspective tracks, showing the range of Ice Spice’s artistry. The lyrics on Like…? (Deluxe) are a highlight, with Ice Spice showcasing her skills as a songwriter. The themes range from empowerment and self-love to personal growth and introspection. Ice Spice’s lyrics are relatable and inspiring, making the EP a great listen for anyone looking for some motivation.

The deluxe version of Like…? is a must-listen for any fan of hip-hop or anyone looking for some empowering and inspiring music. The EP showcases Ice Spice’s growth as an artist, with four new tracks that are just as good as the original songs. The beats are catchy, the lyrics are inspiring, and Ice Spice’s flow is on point. Overall, Like…? (Deluxe) is a fantastic addition to Ice Spice’s discography and a great listen for anyone looking for some uplifting music.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Written by: Jaylan Brooks

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